Allergy Be Gone, Products that Offer Relief from Allergies to Pets
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Allergy Be Gone, Products that Offer Relief from Allergies to Pets


There are several solutions for people who are allergic to pets. They can get a hairless pet, get one that does not shed, or not get a pet at all. Problems mostly arise for people who already have a pet they love, they are often told to get rid of the pet but not everyone is willing to do so. These people will find they can get allergy shots, or find a product that will reduce the dander their pet has.

What is Dander?

Dander is similar to dandruff, it is basically dead skin cells. It is very small and cannot be easily seen unless it clumps with other particles of dander. The small size of dander means it is often airborne. Older animals tend to have more dander than younger ones.

Some dogs are said to be hypo-allergenic. These dogs do not shed but they still have dander, however it is in shedding that a lot of dander tends to spread.

Birds and cats are also prone to causing dander related allergies, possibly even more so than dogs.

When considering dander, pets, and allergies, it is important to note that while many people think they are allergic to pet dander sometimes it is the saliva that the people are actually allergic to.

How to Deal with Allergies to Pets

Allergy Be Gone is a reputable company that supplies all kinds of products to aid in the relief of allergies. They even sell a product to help reduce dander from furry pets such as cats and dogs.

HEPA air cleaners are very good for removing dander, and other allergy causing contaminants, from the air. It is also a good idea to use a HEPA vacuum cleaner.

Allerpet Solutions makes products for controlling dander on pets. They have three main formulas, Allerpet B for controlling dander in birds, Allerpet C for controlling dander in cats, and you guessed it, Allerpet D for controlling danger in dogs. These products work by cleaning the pet's hair to remove saliva and dander. They also help so the pet does not groom itself as often. These products are easy to apply, you simply dampen a cloth with them and rub onto your pet. One 12 oz bottle will last roughly 3 months. These products are non-toxic and safe to use on pets of all ages.

Another Product offered by Allergy Be Gone, and made by Allerpet, is Allerpet Single Solution which works on cats, dogs, birds, as well as ferrets, rabbits, and so forth. These product leaves the pet's hair looking healthy and shiny, which actually reduces the amount of other allergy causing contaminants (such as pollen) it attracts.

One solution for pet allergies is to have the pet washed regularly. Allersearch Pet Shampoo+ with Oatmeal is a good product for use on dogs regularly. The oatmeal is specifically to help reduce itching in the dog which would spread dander. It is all natural, and unscented, so the shampoo will not aggravate allergies, plus it helps protect against fleas and ticks.

When you check on a product from Allergy Be Gone they show you a price comparison so you can be sure you get good prices. 

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Other Tips for Reducing Allergies From Pets

Better food typically means less shedding.

Less stress means less shedding.

Regular grooming will also reduce shedding.

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Allergy Be Gone
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Some pets like dogs could transfer their allergies to human. It is important to consider treating them using the mentioned products here. Pets also need proper care and treatment.

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